Integrative Clinic

We hope that you will find the Grace Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Clinic to be a sanctuary in which you can deeply relax and restore yourself.

In our Boulder clinic, we treat a wide variety of both commonly experienced illnesses and disharmonies, as well as more rare health concerns. Sometimes people come in to the clinic as a last resort after they have seen various other health practitioners without good results.  Part of what makes our work integrative is that we believe that sometimes a multi-faceted approach that takes into account the dynamic nature of being alive in our modern world yields the best results. For people with some health conditions, combining the best of western traditional medical approaches with the expertise of a well-trained and experienced acupuncture and integrative medicine practitioner is better than working with either approach alone. When you come in to see us we will work together to determine the best treatment plan. It may include recommending nutrition and lifestyle changes, acupuncture or needle-free techniques including moxibustion and cupping, as well as the prescribing of herbal formulas or nutritional supplements. If appropriate, we can suggest mindfulness and meditation practices. We are also available for wellness counseling/medicine as well as individual psychotherapy sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

      • Should I be nervous about acupuncture and what should I expect?
          • There are many styles and approaches to acupuncture. I pride myself on offering very gentle and usually completely pain-less needle techniques. People who are new to acupuncture or who have had previous uncomfortable experiences with another acupuncturist are always surprised that they barely feel the needles.
          • Not everyone wants or needs acupuncture which is why it’s important that I offer other and equally viable methods to address your health concerns.
    • Will I have to get undressed?
      • What you are coming in with and what our treatment approach is determines whether you need to fully or partially undress. Sometimes people stay fully clothed and just take off their socks! You can be assured that you will be draped and be comfortable and warm during your session.
    • What can I expect during an acupuncture treatment?
      • Treatment will begin with the selection and insertion of needles at significant points on your body. People often find acupuncture to be profoundly relaxing, this is in part because the body produces endorphins in response to the treatment. After, or occasionally during, treatment Susannah will discuss with you insights into your condition and make suggestions of healthful practices for you to establish between sessions. Your treatment will most often conclude with nutritional counseling and/or prescription of herbs to be taken at specific intervals between visits.
      • After the needles are placed, you are usually left to rest for 15 to 45 minutes with me checking in occasionally to make sure you are comfortable. I use a combination of table warmers, heat lamps for the feet, and heating pads during cooler times so that you can fully relax.
      • It’s common for people to become deeply relaxed or even sleep. Others will listen to a podcast or music during treatment.
      • The needles I use are surgical-grade and some of the thinnest and finest available. They are most commonly inserted superficially, barely beneath the skin, often in the lower legs and forearms or wrists. You may not feel the insertion at all or you may feel mild and temporary discomfort. If you move during treatment, a needle might fall out – which is fine.
    • What goes into making a diagnosis?
      • Initially, it is important for Susannah to understand the context of your complaint in relation to you as a person. This involves some conversation and taking details of both your medical and life history. Her intention is to identify and treat any underlying imbalances, as well as to treat your primary health concerns. As a patient, you may or may not know the underlying imbalances accompanying unwanted symptoms. As part of the diagnosis process, Susannah may take a reading of your pulse at your wrists, palpate your abdomen and some of the essential meridians & points found within the body, looking for subtle or acute patterns of weakness, stagnation or imbalance.
      • How long have you been in practice?
    • Do you offer reduced rate packages?
      • As a way of making individual sessions more affordable and accessible, you can receive discounted pricing with the purchase of a package. A package is 10 treatments and can be used by both individuals and their family members. You are encouraged to pay what you can afford. Income verification is not required. There are no refunds for pre-paid discounted session packages.
      • Students, seniors & those facing hardship can contact me directly to inquire about reduced rate individual sessions.
    • Do you offer house calls?
      • Traditional house calls are available in Boulder County for an additional fee. Long-distance consultations may be requested where Susannah can prescribe customized herbal treatments, nutritional regimens and lifestyle recommendations over the phone and using email.
    • Do you accept insurance & accident claims?
      • At this time Susannah does not accept insurance or do accident claim cases and we do not bill any insurer directly. Superbills are available for you to submit for reimbursement if your plan includes acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. More and more health insurance companies are covering these services, and if you have a Health Savings Account, our services are usually considered to be eligible expenses to be paid out of those funds. You may want to check with your plan to see what is covered.
      • What happens if I need to cancel and/or missed an appointment?
        • Please provide 24-hour notice of cancellation prior to your scheduled appointment. Anything less may be charged accordingly. The nature of our business requires this time to reschedule someone else in your time slot. If you miss an appointment, all parties suffer: you miss out on treatment, we now have an open block of time, and the person that couldn’t get in during your scheduled time. Our policy is intended to respect the time constraints and integrity of all parties. Reasons for being dismissed/denied treatment: Patients who show inappropriate conduct, non-or-late payment of fees, or safety concerns may be denied treatment.
    • Do you offer Gift Cards/Certificates?
        • Gift Certificates are available for purchase for friends or family. Please inquire.