Wellness & Tele-Medicine


Are you looking to transform your personal health?

Wellness medicine is an impactful way to identify patterns that are no longer serving you while implementing much-needed changes in a supportive environment. Wellness medicine includes nutritional counseling, lifestyle coaching, herbal prescriptions and recommendations for nutritional supplementation if needed. Our work together may include mindfulness training, introduction to stress reduction and anxiety management techniques. This is a nice compliment to acupuncture, and appropriate for individuals who are not looking for hands on treatment.

For new patient Tele-Medicine (or Tele-Therapy) appointments plan to spend an hour via telephone or FaceTime/Video.

  • Detailed medical and personal history intake where/if appropriate as well as conversations about current concerns.
  • Tele-medicine appointment with existing patients are straightforward, engaged and centered around both the chief concerns as well as addressing any larger contributing factors.
  • FaceTime with the whole family for a wellness check-in can be scheduled to address the concerns of parents & their kids.
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