Japanese acupuncture

Working with a practitioner who is highly skilled in Japanese acupuncture is a way to experience artistry in motion.

Acupuncture is remarkably effective for treating specific health concerns and injuries as well as more nebulous complaints of general unwellness or fatigue. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are very beneficial in providing preventative medical care–forestalling the progression of disease, or eradicating it at the root. Finding and treating the deeper imbalances is known as addressing the “root”, after which the treatment of the “branch”, or the complaint itself, is made possible.

Japanese acupuncture significantly differs from other styles in its delicacy. The needles used are barely thicker than a human hair–much finer than those used in Chinese Acupuncture–and they are usually inserted just 1 to 2mm or less, with an absolute minimum of manipulation. These techniques demand far greater precision and care than other forms of acupuncture. Whilst this is a challenge for the practitioner, it is a welcome bonus for the recipient in that it is often surprisingly painless.

Susannah Grace Carleton provides gentle Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine to the Boulder, CO community.